Are your photos backed up?
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We are often asked how we back up and secure our priceless image files.  It can be scary in the event of a major computer problem or even worse your computer is lost or stolen.  We have a strong IT background and for local storage we use a RAID array to help minimize loss due to drive failure.  Then the real magic happens we backup everything to the cloud and more importantly to a company called BackBlaze.  To say we think they are the best is an understatement.   They offer unlimited backup for $5 dollars a month!!  So for $60 dollars a year we have peace of mind that we can recover from any computer issues that may arise.  We will even help you set it ...

Wonderful Wedding in New Hampshire
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What an awesome Saturday afternoon wedding!  It rained till 2:45pm and really threatened to make a 3pm outdoor wedding derail to the “Plan B” route.   As wedding luck would have it, the skies started to clear and after the seating was dried off, the wonderful ceremony came off without a hitch. The vows that they wrote for each other were deep, rich and beautiful.  I never get tired of hearing one soul tell another of their love.  An added bonus was the dog posing in so many images as we captured the new bride and groom! Congratulations to Diane and Jason as they start there wedded live together in Utah, with the two fur kids!